In Time
Title Sequenc
The movie, In Time, takes place in a futuristic world, where science has unlocked the secret to immortality and time becomes the new currency not only of money but also life span. 

This concept captures the essence and balance of life and death, the two meaningless without the other. It communicates the idea that time eventually runs out for everyone, regardless of how wealthy or poor you are. Time does not favor the wealthy, it is a totally separate element to living and this makes it truly valuable.

The sequence uses the tree as a framing device in which two worlds meet. The duality of the two worlds represents the wealthy and the poor. We chose objects that emit humanistic memories and resemble the individual in society to reflect aspects of aging. The objects are shown in a chiastic to thematically emphasize the duality of the two worlds and present a change of tone for a mood of progression just like the flow of time.